About Us

About Us
What is Uttaran ETC ?


We help ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in academic exams, in professional career and in Social-Personal life. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little ‘extra’, We help you to add that ‘extra’ in your life. We believe in trustworthy lifelong relationship and our motto is “Catch them Young and Watch them Grow”. We provide services to suit your specific needs:

  • Online Classes & webinars
  • Workshop at your place
  • Audience specific learning program
  • Grooming of job seekers for entry in the professional arena
  • Grooming for the Modern lifestyle for a happy life
  • Handholding to win over difficult professional challenges

Our origins are in an extremely low-income family. After having lived in a single rented room, having had to buy food and grocery items on daily basis, studying in typical Bengali medium colony school in the suburbs, after years of struggle, we managed to reach the MNC environment of European engineering companies where we have been holding leading management positions for last 30+ years. For the last 25+ years, we are also directly involved in coaching and guiding students from class IX to Post Graduation level in various aspects of their study and career progression. On many occasions, corporate houses and State Govt. departments have invited us to spend time with their officers for developmental training sessions. We travelled extensively in almost all metro cities, tier -1 cities, industrial belts across India as well as in various foreign countries for business operations and professional training purposes. We have personal experience of visiting Air force Stations – Submarines - Rocket Launching Stations - Missile Test centres – Mines – Steel Plants - Oil Refineries - Paper Mills – Power Plants - Cement Plants – Petrochemical Plants – Automobile plants etc. Our mission is to share our field experience and life realization with the younger generation in the following areas:

1.Life Skill Development – Accomplishment in happy family life & social relationships

2. Art of Selling – Product promotion, offer Position, Negotiation and Satisfaction for sales and INCENTIVE

3.Personality Development – Standing out of the crowd to create impressive IMAGE

4.Grooming for Job Market – Making impact to get your job REWARD

5. Smart Parenting – Effective and simple ways to handle kids in their growing stage

6. Education & Teaching – Support for academic preparation to score high marks in Board Exams.

We are influencing quality of life for people around us and will continue the same for all the people who approaches us in future for support.