Mind Power

Mind Power

Mind Power

Close your eyes for 5 minutes and try to concentrate on any favourite topic (but only one). After 5 minutes, open your eyes. You will surprisingly notice that your mind floated through so many topics within this time, jumping from one to other in an uncontrolled manner. Our mind finds it difficult to focus on most favourite topic, even only for 5 minutes. Then imagine how much inherent power remains unused and gets wasted every day, every hour in our life. What kind of miracle can happen in our life if we can focus on our chosen topic for hours !! ??

Our mind is like a very powerful ‘junglee’ dark horse, who is tirelessly jumping from one place to other, running through dangerous curves of hilly terrain with an uncontrolled speed & unpredictable direction. We are forced ( no choice) to ride on that ‘junglee’ horse. Holding the neck of it, we are somehow sitting on that horse with severe panic. Every moment is like nightmare, afraid of falling down and getting seriously injured.

However, if somehow we can put a ‘lagaam’ to control this powerful horse, then we can use his huge power into our chosen direction, he can take us to our destination very quickly, can move heavy loads for us. No panic, no risk of falling down. So, What is this ‘lagaam’ for our mind?

‘Intelligence’ is the ‘lagaam’ for our mind. Every body is having intelligence but problem is that we always do not use the intelligence (‘lagaam’). We allow our mind ( powerful ‘junglee’ horse) for uncontrolled directionless running, creating panic and destroying valuables ( time, health, assets, relations, trust, opportunities etc ) around us.

To bring intelligence is use, for each of our important wish/action, we should stop for a moment and ask within us, How this is really required for me?’, ‘ will it help me to become a better person’, ‘whether this is ethical?’, ’what I will achieve out of this ?’, ‘will it create problem for me later ?’ etc. Honest answers to those questions will set the right direction to our wishful and powerful mind, will decide GOOD or BAD for us.

Once our mind is genuinely focussed on any topic, GOOD or BAD, it itself finds all the ways & means to achieve that at any cost. It will generate ideas, motivations and energies to overcome all HURDLEs, it will discard all EXCUSEs, it will not be afraid of any PUNISHMENT [e.g. one ‘poor but meritorious student’ will find his way to make great result, a ‘committed professional’ will find his way of to perform, a mother will face all danger to save her baby ... ... ... and also one ‘drunker’ will somehow manage to get his drink, a ‘lover’ will happily take all pain to meet his/her partner, a ‘fb/whatspp addicted guy’ will find scope of chatting in any and every situation].

Use ‘lagaam’ as best possible to drive your way towards the GOOD and get the best out of the enormous ability of the powerful ‘junglee’ horse.