Six C of Effective Communication

Six C of Effective Communication

Six C of Effective Communication

Effective business communication requires a tremendous amount of consideration for the audience. Utilizing the 6 C’s of business communication, you can reach to your audience exactly the way you wanted to convey your message.

1. Consideration

Givecareful thought and attention to your audienceto build convenient communication platform. Mosyly, your audiencewill consistof many individuals with varying backgrounds and knowledge-bases. Since it’s impossible to know everything about everyone, focus on understanding as much as you can about what they will need and expect in order to show you respect them and their time.

2. Clarity

Conveyclear, straight-forward messages using simplelanguage to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. Business communicationoften relies on blocks,paragraphs and bulleted lists in order to make key information easy to find. It’s also important to assess what information is necessary and what can be left out to enhance clarity.

3. Conciseness

Keep your message brief to reach to the point quickly. You must be selective with your information and pay special attention to how your phrasing can be worded in the most efficient way possible.Avoid long sentences and uncommon words.

4. Coherence

Conveyyour message in a way that allows the individual parts (words, sentences, paragraphs etc.) to contribute to the whole. Organize information flow logically, grouping like-information together, and utilizing headers or strong transitions to help your readereasily understand your message.

5. Correctness

Keep focus onaccuracy, in information as well as in spellingandgrammar. If your messagecontains errors your credibility is harmed, and it becomes difficult to establish the level of goodwill needed in order to impressyouraudience.

6. Confidence

Craft your messageto demonstrate professionalism, competence and clear thinking. When you communicatewith confidence, your audience will have confidence in you. Demonstrate confidence by enacting the other FIVE C’s ; get to the point quickly, proofread your work, and meet your deadlines.