Art of Selling


Sales & Marketing Training program for Professionals in Engineering Industries


A specially designed course exclusively for the Engineers with 0 - 10 years Sales and Marketing experience, engaged in business development of Engineering products. This course will be suitable for Engineering Students looking for Sales career and also for Young Entrepreneurs & Start ups.

Identify project in the early stage,

Nose smart enough to smell Influencers

Cultivate  relationship ,

Effectively use your USP , 

Nail tactfully your Lock-in Specification,

Track the whole decision making chain,

Influence the written Bid-Qualifying Criteria,

Value proposition of your technical service,

Ensure the deal early with best commercials.

What you LEARN :

  • How to identify influencers in the project team
  • How to built up trustworthy relationship with customers
  • How to tactfully spec-in your USP
  • How to influence commercial Bid qualifying criteria
  • How to judge customer’s procurement budget
  • How to judge competition activity
  • How and when to negotiate price and commercial terms
  • How to use customer for future references

What you EARN:

  • Certificate of Participation
  • 1 online personal coaching session
  • Special discount on any future course
  • Leads for job interviews
  • 1 page Free advertisement ( 3 times ) of your profile in Uttaran ETC facebook page

Our faculty team with more than 30+ years experience in sales & marketing of engineering products in all India level, have designed the content based on the practical experiences. Special focus will be given towards the techniques of industrial marketing through remote meetings and online marketing.